Mission Soil Manifesto

Life on Earth depends on healthy soils. To ensure a healthy and green future for our current and future generations, we need to protect and restore soils. The Mission Soil Manifesto calls for action to respond to the urgent need to protect and improve soil health in Europe and beyond and bring together regional and local policymakers, stakeholders and citizens into a vibrant community that cares for soil health.

The Mission Soil Manifesto was launched by the EU Mission Soil on 18 April 2023 and is available in all EU languages.

Publication date Tue, 18/04/2023
Mission Soil Manifesto
(296 KB - PDF)

Who can sign?

The voluntary document can be signed by representatives of municipalities, regions, private or public companies and organisations, NGOs and philanthropic organisations, schools and education institutions, as well as by research institutions, to become a ‘Signatory’.

Individuals can also sign the Manifesto and become ‘Friends of the Mission Soil’.

If you care about soil health, please sign and further promote the Mission Soil Manifesto.

Sign the Mission Soil Manifesto

What’s in there for me?

By signing the Mission Soil Manifesto, you voice your support to the European Mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ and its objectives. You become part of a community of practice which stands up for the importance of soil health and cares for the future of European and global soils.

As a Signatory or Friend of the Mission Soil, you:

  • Get first-hand access to knowledge on soil health and Mission Soil activities.

  • Become easily connected to the soil community and able to receive and exchange information through various communication channels.

  • Learn about the latest research results, along with the opportunity to take part in various events to share best practices for our soils.

  • Automatically register to receive the Mission newsletter providing information on Mission progress, the latest calls for proposals, events, and policy developments.

  • Receive visibility for your organisation. Names of legal entities that sign will be published here: Signatories and Friends