Healthy Municipal Soils (HuMUS) Project: Call for Proposals in support of EU Mission Soils now open!

Tuesday, 11 June 2024

The Horizon Europe HuMUS project has launched a call for proposals to support 20 pilot projects that will engage citizens in the protection and restoration of soils. The call is a significant step towards the HuMUS project’s aim to support the EU Mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ (Mission Soil) in promoting participatory processes at the local and regional level that will result in Territorial Management Agreements. 

What are the details of the call? 

The aim of the call for proposals is to identify and support 20 pilot projects that will develop participatory processes on soil health, involving at least 300 stakeholders from four sectors: public institutions, private organisations, academia and citizens. 

The call for proposals is ideal for projects that wish to enhance the discussion around soil health by enabling and encouraging dialogues at local and regional levels. Their activities will help engage more local and regional authorities, citizens and other key actors across Europe in important discussions on soil health and land management. 

Winning proposals will play a crucial role in the Mission Soil and the HuMUS project’s shared goal to lead the transition towards healthy soils. This means that all actors need to be engaged by the pilot projects, especially citizens and those who have decision-making power in the local or regional context. Projects that do this will ensure that every voice is heard, and real results are achieved in the pursuit of healthier soils. 

What funding and support is there? 

The HuMUS call for proposals presents an exciting opportunity, offering a total of €600 000 in funding. Each winning pilot project can receive up to €30 000. 

The selected projects will also gain access to technical guidance from members of the HuMUS consortium. This could include an invitation to participate in the Soil Stewards training programme, offering an inside look into the HuMUS methodology through an in-depth presentation. 

How to apply? 

Visit the HuMUS website to learn more about the proposal process and how to apply. Your ideas to help create healthier soils in Europe are exactly what the HuMUS project is looking for. 

The call for proposals ends on 5 April 2024 at midnight CET (Brussels time). Selected candidates will be informed by 16 May 2024. 

About the HuMUS project 

The HuMUS project supports the implementation of Mission Soil across regional and local areas in Europe. The project creates spaces where people and stakeholders, both inside and outside the consortium, can discuss soil health and the threats soil faces, as well as constructive solutions to these problems. 

HuMUS adopts participatory governance methods, involving everyone from farmers to government officials in the decision-making process. This approach ensures that all voices are heard and that the solutions developed are truly representative of the community’s needs. 

Within the consortium, HuMUS expects to sign 13 Territorial Management Agreements with stakeholders from each partner community. These agreements will also be an output of the additional 20 pilots and are proof of the collaborative spirit of the project and its commitment to improving soil health.