Join the European Mission Soil Week 2023: Leading the transition towards healthy soils

Tuesday, 5 March 2024

The European Mission Soil Week (EMSW) is the annual gathering of the EU Mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ (Mission Soil). The aim is to raise awareness about the importance of preserving and restoring soil health and to encourage action to improve soil health.

This major event will take place between 21 and 23 November 2023 in Madrid, Spain. The EMSW is organised by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) together with the Joint Research Centre - EU Soil Observatory (EUSO) and the EU-funded project PREPSOIL. The conference will be hosted by INIA-CSIC at the central facilities of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) under the Spanish Presidency of the EU Council, as soil health is an important issue for the Presidency.

Why soil health matters

Life on Earth depends on healthy soils. However, more than 60% of EU soils are considered unhealthy due to current management practices, pollution, urbanisation and the effects of climate change. This is why protecting soil health is high on the EU political agenda. The European Green Deal strategies and policies emphasise that soil health is essential for attaining their key objectives, such as climate neutrality, stopping desertification and land degradation, and reversing biodiversity loss.

The inaugural edition of the EMSW is of particular importance with regard to the proposed EU Directive on Soil Monitoring and Resilience. Published on 5 July 2023, this directive aims to ensure healthy soils by 2050 in line with the soil strategy, closely linked to the Mission Soil’s ambitions and activities, which will support the achievement of the directive’s goals.

What to expect at the EMSW 2023

The EMSW 2023 will be the ideal place for experts, policymakers, researchers, farmers, foresters, landowners, land managers, business representatives and the general public to come together to discuss the challenges and co-create solutions for restoring and preserving healthy soils, taking inspiration from good practices from Europe and beyond.

If you attend the EMSW 2023, you will:

  • Network with soil stakeholders: The EMSW offers a unique opportunity to connect with soil enthusiasts from Europe and beyond. Exchange ideas, insights and solutions that can drive positive change for all soils.
  • Discover Mission-funded projects: Stay updated on the latest projects and innovations funded by the Mission Soil. These projects are at the forefront of soil health research and innovation efforts.
  • Hear from experts and thought leaders on shaping the future of soil health. Discover the latest achievements and developments linked to the Mission Soil objectives during the plenary sessions.
  • Participate in inspiring debates about soil-related challenges and solutions during thematic breakout sessions. Your voice can contribute to ongoing initiatives aimed at enhancing soil health.
  • And so much more: Explore the full programme of EMSW 2023.

Be part of the community and initiate change

The EMSW 2023 is not just another event; it is designed to develop into a key meeting and networking place for an ever-growing soil health community, fostering awareness, exchange, discussion, co-creation and action. Whether you are a scientist, policymaker, farmer or simply someone passionate about soil health, your participation can make a difference.

Can’t make it to Madrid? Don’t worry – the EMSW 2023 plenary sessions will be livestreamed, ensuring that everyone can take part.

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